Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Yeah so this is my new page. I dont kno what to write yet. but i will try and think of something

So yesterday was valentines day(my least favorite day of the year) things got worse as the day went by, at frist i thought jay didnt wanna talk to me because he hadnt talked to me all night then he didnt talk to me at all yesterday. Finally my little brother came home from his house and i guess Jay had been trying to get ahold of me all day and he lost his phone the night before. So i guess nothing was wrong and we where ok again. I thought ya kno mayb i did something wrong so i cried all day. He could tell i was mad because i wicked wasnt ingoring him when he was trying to talk to me. idk i guess im falling in love with him. So today we are gonna spend it together i think. i gotta call his house(eww) when i get outta school. Idk but ill write more later. love ya xoxoxx
Allie Marie